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A Child of Promise began as a vision in the fall of 1998 after my son, Tommy, died following an in-utero procedure attempting to correct his fully obstructed bladder. After years of prayer, it became an internet-based ministry in the spring of 2002. A Child of Promise added the publication of a Bible study book in September, 2014, in honor of Tommy’s 16th birthday. To read more, visit “Tommy’s Story

My oldest daughter, Emily, grew up singing this little children’s song, “I am a Promise” by the Gaither Vocal Band. At the time I thought to myself, “How can a little girl or a little boy be a promise?”

In everyday speech, the word promise has two basic meanings. One, that a person will carry out what they have told you, such as, “I promise to take you out for ice cream tonight.” The second meaning is that of a cause for hope in the future, such as, “That artist shows great promise.”

When my unborn son, Tommy, was diagnosed with a condition deemed incompatible with life, it caused me to question all kinds of things. So many of those questions hinged on these two meanings for promise.

  • Would God keep His promises?
  • Did Tommy’s future hold promise?

The answer to both of these questions is a resounding, “Yes!” God would indeed keep His promises. He would without question walk this lonely road with me. And, Tommy’s life, no matter how short or long it might be, still held promise. His life had meaning and purpose even if he would never take a breath of air in this world.

This ministry was named “A Child of Promise” because I wanted to encourage families to stand firm that even if it feels like the world is crashing down around you, you can trust in God’s promises for you and for your child.

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Kim Endraske


A Child of Promise