The Book

Carrying a child known to have a poor or fatal prognosis can be a painful, lonely journey.  Each lesson is broken into reflecting on a stage of your pregnancy.  Sharing from her own pregnancy journey, and leading you through a study of applicable scriptures and journaling prompts, Kim walks with you through the days, weeks and months of your pregnancy.  From the initial excitement of learning you are expecting; to the tests, questions and decisions you face; to the roller coaster of waiting for your child’s birth and looking toward an uncertain future; you will find comfort in the words of our Lord and in the words of this fellow mom.

“When an expecting mother receives the frightening news that the gift of God in her womb has a poor or fatal prognosis, it evokes many questions and emotions. Here is a Scripture study designed to help process and bring guidance during this season of pain and decision-making. Kim Endraske uses the pain of her own story woven with the timeless truths of God’s Word to bring hope, healing and direction to mothers in a similar position she was in with the loss of her precious son Tommy. You will find a great friend in Kim who will point you to a Greater Friend as you work your way through this excellent resource of hope during this season of uncertainty.” Nick Brown — Lead Pastor, Collierville Bible Church, Certified Biblical Counselor with ACBC

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